Major Changes to Teachers Licensure Examination
Major Changes to Teachers Licensure Examination

The Registrar at the National Teaching Council has indicated that 44,000 teachers failed the 2022 licensure examination out of the total number of 120,000 teachers who have registered and written the examination.

It is very sad and worrying to the nation to see the increase in the rate of failure of the teachers in the GTLE which is supposed to give them the mandate (License) to teach younger ones in the country.

Do you think a conclusion should be drawn based on the numbers produced after the GTLE despite the 3 or 4 years of training trainees go through during their college studies?

This increase in failure has called for reviewing the requirements for entry into colleges of education. In order to regulate the entry, an entrance examination was proposed and it will soon take effect.

44,000 Teachers Failed 2022 Licensure Examination

The continuous professional development of teachers enables them to sharpen their skills and helps them to excel and upgrade their profession.

Looking at the numbers, the failure rate increases every year with more teachers registering for the resit examination. It is time the kind of training at the various colleges of education is assessed.

It must be noted that the kind of training trainees go through at the colleges of education should also be looked at.

To depend only on the entrance examination as one of the ways to curb the increase in failure and unprofessionalism among teachers won’t be enough.

We have received, seen, and heard many instances where the professionalism of teachers in the country is questioned. This will be the result of the training they received at the various colleges.

Many colleges do the best they can to make sure that not only the knowledge and skills that they give to trainees but how to show that they are really trained.

They want them to show those professional traits. It is now the duty of the NTC to provide a solution to the mass failure and how to reduce the misconduct and unprofessionalism among teachers.

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