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Bagabaga College of Education Says Goodbye to Students

Bagabaga College of Education, Tamale which is affiliated with UEW today 9th December 2022 says goodbye to teacher trainees.

Per the academic calendar for colleges of education affiliated with UEW, 9th December is the day all level 200 students will officially finish their end-of-semester examination.

Due to the CETAG strike action which has caused a mess in the college system, examinations may not be taken for colleges affiliated with UEW.

Earlier today, we received information that a talk is ongoing for colleges under UEW to write examinations before going home but unfortunately, it may not come one.

Bagabaga College of Education Says Goodbye to Students

At 4:30 pm today, the Dean of Students of Bagabaga College of Education took the opportunity on behalf of the school management to wish all trainees a safe journey to their homes.

Does this mean that there won’t be an examination?

This is what the Dean of Students posted on the trainees’ WhatsApp platform:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen if things were normal you would have officially finished your end-of-semester Examination today.

College Management has not had any information from the mentoring University regarding your examination.

On behalf of College Management, I wish you a safe journey to your various destinations as you go down tomorrow  10th December 2022, per the academic Calendar for the semester.

Wishing Marry Christmas and a happy New year in advance. Take good care of yourselves this festive season.

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Since there has not been any official release from UEW regarding the end-of-semester examination, it may not be written.

As today marks the end of their stay on campus, all students are officially supposed to leave campus tomorrow 10th December 2022.

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