CETAG Strike: Gambaga College of Education Student Suggestion
CETAG Strike: Gambaga College of Education Student Suggestion

CETAG Strike: Gambaga College of Education Student Suggestion

Following the CETAG strike action which effectively started on the 11th of November 2022, academic activities in the colleges of education have been interrupted.

Matters arising currently are associated with the calling off of the strike action and end-of-semester examination. UCC and KNUST affiliate colleges of education are set to write the semester examination.

Some colleges of education students feel that it is not the right time to talk about the examination because they have missed a lot from the classroom and tutors to invigilate are not available.

How then will the examination be conducted? Will the rest of the colleges of education affiliated with UEW, UDS, and the rest also write the examination?

Do you also think is time for colleges of education to make decisions for themselves other than depending on a particular university?

CETAG Strike: Gambaga College of Education Student Suggestion

Pursuant to the strike action by CETAG and the decision of the mentor universities to proceed to conduct the end-of-semester examination with an exemption of our tutors to invigilate us is an attempt by the universities to temper with our grades.

Per tertiary education, laws prohibit any student who has not had a cumulative contact hour of 21 days to sit for an examination. Per that provision, it is clear to us that we have not met or have violated that provision and hence do not meet the requirements to sit for the examination.

An attempt for Trainees to sit for the examination will have a negative impact on our grades since our CA is with our lecturers.

Therefore, I suggest that the leadership of TTAG should head to court and seek an injunction since the universities are not in a position to listen to the plights of Trainees across the country.

It is my fervent belief that this suggestion would help protect the interest of Trainees.




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