CKT-UTAS Academic Calendar for 2023-2024 Academic Year

These are the CKT-UTAS academic fees schedule for 2023/2024 academic year for the all levels. All students who will gain admission into the university and continuing students are required to make payment using the details below;

The university has partnered with reputable banks to offer you multiple options for fee payments.

How to Pay Your Fees

You can make your payments at the following designated banks:

  • Fidelity Bank

BANK NAME: Fidelity Bank
BRANCH: Tamale Branch
ACCOUNT NAME: C. K. Tedam University of Technology & Applied Sciences
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1050314358914

CKT-UTAS Admission List for the 2023/2024 Academic Year

These banks are equipped with efficient payment channels, allowing you to complete your transactions conveniently and securely.

CKT-UTAS Academic Fees Schedule for 2023/2024

These are the required fees to paid for all students in the university for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Diploma Level 100              2,395.00
Ordinary Level 100              2,395.00
Level 200 & 300              2,555.00
Level 400 & Diploma Level 200              2,255.00
M.Ed. Mathematics Education              4,130.00
M.Ed. Science Education              4,380.00
MPhil (Mathematics and Science) Yr. 1              5,380.00
Med/MPhil (Maths & Sci Top-up)              7,130.00
MPhil (Mathematics and Science) Yr. 2              6,000.00
MSc/MPhil (Non-Lab) Yr. 1              5,955.00
MSc/MPhil (Lab) Yr. 1              6,155.00
MSc/MPhil (Non-Lab) Yr. 2              8,295.00
MSc/MPhil (Lab) Yr. 2              8,495.00
Master of Public Health              9,950.00
PhD (Non-Lab) Yr. 1              7,955.00
PhD (Lab) Yr. 1              8,155.00
PhD (Non-Lab) Yr. 2 and 3              8,445.00
PhD (Lab) Yr. 2 and 3              8,645.00

Automatic Reflection in Student Portal (MIS)

Once you make a payment at any of the designated banks, the transaction will automatically reflect in your Student Portal (MIS).

This streamlined process ensures that your fee payments are promptly recorded, giving you real-time access to your payment status and financial information.

CKT-UTAS Undergraduate Programmes for 2023/2024 Academic Year


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