Colleges of Education Level 100 First Semester Courses
Colleges of Education Level 100 First Semester Courses

These are some of the college activities to be affected by CETAG – CENTSAG strike action which was declared yesterday 14th November 2022. This is an industrial action and all 46 colleges of education must go according to the decision taken.

The strike action was a result of many reasons stated by the two associations in action. They feel like their issues and concerns are not attended to.

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What Caused the CETAG and CENTSAG Strike Action?

Some of the reasons for the strike actions are as follows:

  • Undue delay of the Ministry of Education to give approval for the payment of compensation for the all-year-round work to a staff of the colleges of education.
  • Unfair retrospective deduction of office holding allowances paid to some members of CENTSAG and CETAG by the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD).
  • Deliberate variation of Fuel, Vehicle Maintenance, and Off-Campus allowances of CETAG and CENTSAG members as compared to our counterparts in other analogous institutions in the face of the rising cost of fuel prices in the country.

College Activities To Be Affected by CETAG – CENTSAG Strike

The following activities are likely to stop in the colleges of education.

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Services from all management offices (Accounts Office, etc)
  • Cleaning of Education workers to stop all their activities including cleaning.
  • The admission process also likely to stop until further notice
  • This may also result in a delay in the release of the admission list for the 2022/2023 academic year
  • Operation feed yourself will be likely to set in since the cooks in the schools form part of the CENTSAG. Since CENTSAG has declared an indefinite strike for its members, Colleges of Education (CoE) has no other option but to declare the operation.
  • Postponement of College base quiz and possibly end-of-semester examination.

These are some of the things that are likely to happen due to the strike action reactivated by CETAG and CENTSAG.

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