College of Education Feeding Becoming an Issue

College of Education Feeding Becoming an Issue

If teacher trainees at the various colleges of education would like to eat three square meals a day, they will likely have to supplement the GHC6.50 pesewas a day that the government pays to PRINCOF.

According to the principals of the colleges of education, providing trainees with wholesome meals at GH 6.50 per day in the current economic climate is frustrating and requires effort.

Suggestions Brought Up by Principals of the Various Colleges of Education

The principals have suggested that the government should make an effort to pay all the GHC400.00 stipends to the trainees in order for them to cater for themselves or provide trainees with meals two times a day.

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College of Education Feeding Becoming an Issue

PRINCOF even considers the twice meal a day to be another challenge in this economic hardship.

The three proposals from PRINCOF to the government are;

  • The complete GHC400.00 allowance should be paid out to students so they can support themselves.
  • Trainees are to top up the feeding component from the Gh¢ 200.00 disbursed to them.
  • The feeding portion of the training shall be given to the trainees in the quantity of GHC200.00, but it will now be given twice daily instead of three times.

Three Square Meals in Colleges of Education Vs the Feeding Component

The majority of trainees still request three square meals, and the government is unwilling to increase the feeding component for trainees, so they would be forced to supplement the GHC6.50 from the GHC200.00 provided to them.

Problem Likely to Persist When Trainees Are Asked to Cook for Themselves

  • There would be a lot of fire outbreaks if they are asked to start cooking in their Halls of Residence.
  • There would be a huge amount of money to be paid as a light bill. Almost all of the students will be using electric cookers, heaters,s and others.
  • Shortage of water will hit some colleges as water will be used by all students just to cook. Also, some colleges already suffer due to inadequate water supply.

What TTAG thinks About the Issue

The leadership noted the issues raised by PRINCOF and advised the Ministry of Education to ask the Government to increase the allowance significantly in order to provide additional funding for the feeding component, which has not yet been implemented.

Leadership noted in their statement on January 26, 2023, that they adamantly disagreed with the idea to enhance the meal component of trainees by adding a portion of the sum (GH200.00) that is given to trainees.

They have requested, however, that the PRINCOF and MoE leadership give them enough time to engage their constituents in their congress before getting back to them.

What Do you Think Should be Done? 

Let’s hear you in the section below.

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