End of First Semester Exams Timetable for CoE Affiliated with UEW

Colleges of Education Level 200 First Semester Courses for the 2022-2023 academic year are listed below. Level 200s would be taken through these courses under the 4-year B. Ed Programme for all 46 public colleges of education.

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Colleges of Education Level 200 First Semester Courses

Under the 4-year B. Ed programme for teacher trainees, these are the courses to be studied for the first semester of level 200. Colleges of Education affiliated with all 46 public colleges of education are expected to study these courses.


Course Code may change depending on the affiliated university.

First Semester of Level 200 Early Grade and Primary Education Courses

EGE 201 Nature of Early Grade Education
EGE 203 Differentiated Planning and Learning for Early Grade
EGE 205 Teaching Speaking and Listening for Early Grade
EGE 207 Principles and Rules of Writing a Ghanaian Language
Introduction to English Language
EGE 209 Theories in the Learning of Numeracy in the Early Grade
EGE 211 Introduction to Early Grade Science I
EGE 213 Ghanaian Identity, Culture, and Arts
STS 201 STS: Developing Teaching I

First Semester of Level 200 JHS Education Courses

Specialist Course in ICT
TEJS 205 Educational and Instructional Technologies
TEJS 207 Multimedia Authoring in Education
Specialist Ghanaian Language
TEJS 209 Principles and Rules of Writing a Ghanaian Language
TEJS 211 Phonetics and Phonology of a Ghanaian Language
Specialist English
TEJS 213 English Semantics
TEJS 215 Advanced English Grammar
Specialist History
TEJS 217 Introduction to the Study of History
TEJS 219 Political History of Ghana Chieftaincy and British Colonial Rule
Specialist Geography
TEJS 221 Biophysical Environmental Systems
TEJS 223 Fundamentals of Human Geography
Specialist Religious & Moral Education (RME)
TEJS 225 Introduction to Religious and Moral Education (RME)
TEJS 227 Introduction to Christian Religion


Specialist Integrated Science
TEJS 229 Environmental Biology
TEJS 231 Particulate Nature of Chemistry
Specialist French
TEJS 233 Nature of French and Communication in Specific Context
TEJS 235 Junior High School French Curriculum
TEJS 237 Introduction to Linguistics in French
Specialist SEN
TEJS 239 Communication Modes for Learners with Special Educational Needs
TEJS 241 Laws and Policies in Special Needs Education
Specialist Mathematics
TEJS 243 Theories in the Learning of Mathematics (Junior H School)
TEJS 245 Learning, Teaching and Applying Further Algebra
Specialist Music and Dance
TEJS 247 Dance Drama Composition
TEJS 249 Principles and Techniques of Music Composition
Specialist Physical Education
TEJS 251 Content and Foundational Knowledge in Physical Education
TEJS 253 Physical Education Curriculum and Organization of School Sports
Specialist Social Studies
TEJS 255 Introduction to Social Studies
TEJS 257 Population and Economic Development in Ghana


TEJS 259 Historical Development, Tools and Materials in Agriculture
TEJS 261 Environmental Effects on Agriculture and


Specialist Home Economics
TEJS 263 Philosophical Foundations of Home Economics
TEJS 265 Manipulative Processes and Skills in Home Economics
Specialist Technical
TEJS 267 Introduction to Graphic Communication
TEJS 269 Design and Realization I
TEJS 271 Metal and Automotive Technology I
TEJS 273 Wood Technology I
Specialist Visual Arts
TEJS 275 History and Philosophical Foundations of Visual Arts
TEJS 277 Concepts and Foundational Skills in Drawing
TEJS 279 Introduction to 3- Dimensional Art
TEJS 281 Introduction to 2- Dimensional Art

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