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Colleges of Education Level 300 First Semester Courses for the 2022-2023 academic year are listed below. Level 200s would be taken through these courses under the 4-year B. Ed Programme for all 46 public colleges of education.

Find level 100 first-semester courses HERE and level 200 first-semester courses HERE.

Colleges of Education Level 200 First Semester Courses

Under the 4-year B. Ed programme for teacher trainees, these are the courses to be studied for the first semester of level 200. Colleges of Education affiliated with all 46 public colleges of education are expected to study these courses.


Course Code may change depending on the affiliated university.

First Semester of Level 300 Early Grade and Primary Education Courses

EGE 301 Child Health, Safety and Security
EGE 303 Guidance and Counseling for Early Grade
EGE 305 Children’s Literature
6 EGE 307 Written Literature of a Ghanaian Language
English Language Curriculum for Early Grade
EGE 309 Teaching and Assessing Numeracy II for Early Grade
EGE 311 Introduction to Early Grade Science III
EGE 313 Sports, PE, Music and Dance in Local and Global cultures
STS 301 STS: Embedding Teaching I

First Semester of Level 300 JHS Education Courses

Course Code Core Courses: Course Title
TEJS 301 Guidance and Counselling for Junior High Schools
TEJS 303 English Language Curriculum for JHS
TSTS 301 STS: Embedding Teaching I
Sub- Total for Semester Core Courses
Specialist ICT
TEJS 305 Database Systems and Software Development
TEJS 307 Web and Mobile Applications Development in


Specialist Ghanaian Language
TEJS 309 Comprehension and Summary of a Ghanaian


TEJS 311 Advanced Grammar of a Ghanaian Language
Specialist English
TEJS 313 Sociolinguistics
TEJS 315 Stylistics
Specialist French
TEJS 317 Morphology and Syntax of French
TEJS 319 Vocabulary and French Orthography
Specialist Mathematics
TEJS 321 Teaching and Assessing Junior High School

Mathematics (Intermediate)

TEJS 323 Learning, Teaching and Applying Calculus
Specialist Integrated Science
TEJS 325 Energy and Force Fields
TEJS 327 Preparing to Teach Integrated Science
Specialist History
TEJS 329 Curriculum and Assessment in History
TEJS 331 Economic History of Ghana: Pre- Colonial to the End

of the Colonial Period

Specialist Geography
TEJS 333 Weather and Climate
TEJS 335 Regional Geography of Africa
Specialist Religious & Moral Education (RME)
TEJS 337 Introduction to African Traditional Religion
TEJS 339 JHS RME Content and Pedagogies I
Specialist SEN
TEJS 341 Inclusive Teaching Strategies
TEJS 343 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Specialist Music and Dance
TEJS 345 ICT Integration, Equipment Maintenance in Music and Dance
TEJS 347 Performance Practice African Dance Genres & Art Music
Specialism Physical Education
TEJS 349 Practice and Coaching Limited Contact Sports
TEJS 351 Entrepreneurial and Life Skills through Sports
Specialist Social Studies
TEJS 353 Environmental and Social Issues in Contemporary


TEJS 355 Conflict Management and Peace Building
Specialist Agriculture
TEJS 357 Scientific Approaches to Solving Agricultural


TEJS 359 Sustainable Agricultural Practices
Home Economics
TEJS 361 Processes and Procedures in Clothing and Textiles
TEJS 363 Processes and Procedures in Food and Nutrition
Specialist Technical
TEJS 365 Design and Realisation III
TEJS 367 Building Drawing
TEJS 369 Metal and Automotive Technology II
TEJS 371 Wood Technology II
TEJS 373 Construction Technology II
TEJS 375 Electrical Machines
Specialist Visual Arts
TEJS 377 Introduction to Basketry
TEJS 379 Introduction to Pottery and Ceramics
TEJS 381 Introduction to Leatherworks
TEJS 383 Introduction to Jewelry and Beadmaking
TEJS 385 Introduction to Sculpture
TEJS 387 Introduction to Picture Making
TEJS 389 Introduction Graphic Design
TEJS 391 Introduction to Textile Design
TEJS 393 Methods of Teaching Visual Arts
TEJS 395 Professional Ethics and the Visual Arts Practitioner


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