Entrance Examination in Colleges of Education
Entrance Examination in Colleges of Education

Information gathered from the meeting between NTC and GBEST indicates that there would be a reform of teachers’ licensure this year. It indicates that entrance exams would be introduced into Colleges of Education. The Entrance Examination in Colleges of Education, will applicants write?

Applicants applying for the 2022/2023 academic year are likely to write entrance exams before gaining admission. Concern arises as to the result of the rapid failure of GTLE.

Instead of writing Literacy and Numeracy after graduation, you will need to write it before entering college. This will give you enough time to be trained.

Entrance Examination in Colleges of Education

For now, it is not approved since the reform of teachers’ licensure has not taken place. The possibility of applicants writing the entrance exam is very low.

The logic here is that all students are expected to pass numeracy and literacy before getting admitted into College. This change will make sure that the entry requirements for colleges of education are all the same.

The Ghana Basic Education Skills Examination Test (GBEST) will now become the entry boundary into Colleges of Education. When a qualified and admitted candidate completes his/her study, they will write subject-based licensure to be granted a license.

NTC suggests this as a component of national education reform to standardize admissions to teacher education programs across the nation. The reforms would ensure that students who applied to be trained as teachers had the required qualifications and disposition to become teachers.

It is not fully guaranteed that there will be an entrance examination. However,  will need to be ready for anything that will come their way for admission.

Interested applicants cannot apply for a college of education admission again. The sale of vouchers has ended and so has the online application too.

The admission list is also yet to be released will be released in November and December as the application deadline is due.

Therefore, we are confident to say that the examination will not be possible for the 2022/2023 academic year.

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