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GES Newly Posted Teachers’ Staff IDs-2022

The Ghana Education Service (GES) will at any moment release the staff IDs of newly trained teachers who were posted in 2022.

Qualified teachers from the various colleges of education, both private and public, were posted early this year to locations where their services are needed by the GES, but have since not given any update as to when staff IDs will be out.

On the other hand, the service has also not commented as to when the biometric registration will take place. According to some newly trained teachers, this has had an adverse effect on them in their field of work.

It has been almost 6 months now since they were appointed to various classrooms, but up to now, they have not been given any tokens or salary.


Newly posted teachers in Ghana for some time now have been receiving very unfair treatment when it comes to conditions of service. In Ghana, newly recruited teachers have to work for seven to 12 months before they receive their first salary. The same can also be said about other sectors, such as the nursing sector.

Research has shown that employees tend to lose interest in the profession because no one will be happy working on an empty stomach. Most employees themselves are absent from work and lack commitment as well.


It is very important for the government, in collaboration with the various stakeholders in education, to put measures in place to ensure that newly recruited teachers are paid in the first month of their postings to help arouse their interest in the teaching profession. Moreover, the government, through the intervention of the ministry of finance and, the controller and accountant general departments, must ensure that graduates during their national service are given their staff ids to prevent delays in the payment of salaries.

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