GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion Application 2024

GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion Application 2024

Applications are invited from suitably qualified serving non-teaching staff for consideration for promotion to the grade of:

Accounting Class

  • Chief Accountant II
  • Deputy Chief Accountant I & II
  • Principal Accountant

Internal Audit Class

  • Chief Internal Auditor II
  • Deputy Chief Internal Auditor I & II
  • Principal Internal Auditor

Administrative Class

  • Chief Administrative Officer II
  • Deputy Chief Administrative Officer I & II
  • Principal Administrative Officer

Catering Class

  • Chief Domestic Bursar
  • Deputy Chief Domestic Bursar
  • Principal Domestic Bursar

Technical Class

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Deputy Chief Technical Officer
  • Principal Chief Technical Officer

Librarian Class

  • Chief Librarian
  • Deputy Chief Librarian
  • Principal Librarian

Supply Class

  • Chief Supply Officer
  • Deputy Chief Supply Officer
  • Principal Supply Officer

Laboratory Technician Class

  • Chief Laboratory Technician
  • Deputy Chief Laboratory Technician
  • Principal Lab Technician

Secretarial Class

  • Principal Private Secretary
  • Senior Private Secretary
  • Private Secretary

Driver Class

  • Yard-Foreman
  • Chief Driver
  • Principal Driver

GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion Application 2024

An applicant should have been promoted to any of the above-mentioned grades on or before 1st September, 2019 and should have been continuously at the post since that date (except for periods of approved absence) and must have a very satisfactory work history with good conduct in the Ghana Education Service.

Officers With Masters Degree And PhD

For the avoidance of doubt, applicants who wish to rely on Masters/Doctorate degree to join the interviews out of turn should note the following:

  • Masters/PhD programme should be on the approved GES course of study
  • The Masters/PhD certificate should not have been obtained before the previous promotion.
  • Applicants who wish to use the Masters/PhD certificates for promotion should have obtained their certificate on or before 2021.

How To Apply For GES Non-Teaching Staff Promotion 2024

All applicants must log on to from Monday, 26th February, 2024 to apply. Please take note of the following.

  • Each applicant should complete a copy of the APPLICATION FORM. A recent passport-size photograph must be affixed to the application form.
  • An applicant’s form must be supported by only the last promotion letter or upgrading letter or appointment letter.
  • An applicant should upload only Master’s/Doctorate Degree certificate when using it for his/her promotion.
  • All documents uploaded should be in a PDF Format with the exception of passport photographs.
  • All documents uploaded should be clear and readable.
  • The completed application form should be uploaded on the website NOT LATER THAN 31ST MARCH 2024.

Processing Of Application

Only shortlisted applicants shall be invited for an interview.

Note: The application forms should be accessed at

Please ensure that you complete the declaration part xi as proof of your identity.

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