UPSA Undergraduate Admission Forms for 2024/2025 Academic Year

This is a comprehensive guide on how to book UPSA accommodation for 2023-2024 academic year as a continuing student.

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How to Book UPSA Accommodation for 2023-2024 Academic Year

Notice is hereby given that all continuing students (levels 200, 300 & 400) interested in residing at the University’s Hostels for the 2nd semester of the 2023/2024 academic are to take note of the following:

  • Booking and payment for the Hostels are for a Semester Stay.
  • The first four (4) floors of Hostels A, B and Amon Kotei hostel will be opened for booking from Monday, 18th December 2023 at 10am.
  • Check-in and registration will commence from Sunday, 3rd March, 2024 and Payment deadline is Monday, 29th January, 2024.

GETFund Scholarship Application for 2023/2024 Academic Year

You will be billed automatically when you book and you will be required to pay the amount.

UPSA Hostel Registration Process

  • All students are required to register on the Hostel Management System platform.
  • Students are to ensure they are registered on the USIS platform before attempting to register.
  • Students’ emails and phone numbers should be active and accessible, as login and verification credentials will be sent through emails.
  • Open the Hostel Portal from
  • Click on ‘Hostel Registration’ to open the registration form.
  • Enter your UPSA Student ID, email and phone number
    Click on Register to process the registration.

Verification of Details

  • This ensures students’ details are correct and accessible to the student.
  • If the Student ID entered on the registration form is correct and active, the student should receive a ‘One Time PIN’ (O.T.P.) via SMS.
  • Enter Student ID on the verification form at their respective fields.
  • Click “Validate” to complete the registration. If the OTP is correct, you will receive your password through SMS.

UEW Fee Schedule for 2023/2024 Academic Year

Hostel Booking Process

  • Log-in to your portal, following the log-in process.
  • Select the Hostel of your choice (Note that the Hostels display the rooms available and
    their respective rates.)
  • Select the room, followed by the bed of your choice.
  • Read and accept the rules and regulations of the Hostels.
  • Feel free to cancel your booking if you do not agree or accept the rules and regulations.

You may contact the Hostel Administration on 0302913535 for clarification before continuing.

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You may also email the following for assistance


View your bill and approve your bed reservation.

Note that:

  • You will be billed automatically after booking.
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation of your reservation.
  • Beds will be reserved until registration deadline.

Paying for your Reservation

  • Pay the Amount billed into your InterPay account at the Bank.
  • Log into your InterPay portal.
  • Select to pay the automatically billed amount. (You should receive an SMS confirmation of your payment).

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