How to Calculate BECE Grades

It is very crucial at this point every BECE candidate knows how to calculate BECE 2023 grades for school and private candidates before the results are released.

The 2023 BECE results have been released successfully. All candidates can now check their results using this LINK.

How to Calculate BECE Grades for School and Private Candidates

In this post, we will show you the steps to calculate your grades as a BECE candidate. It is a very simple method as it involves the simple addition of the grades.

Candidates do now need to have calculators before they can get their aggregate grades or results.

BECE Grading System Interpretation




90-100 1 (A+) Highest
80-89 2 (A) Higher
70-79 3 (B+) High
60-69 4 (B) High Average
55-60 5 (C+) Average
50-54 6 (C) Low Average
40-49 7 (D+) Low
35-39 8 (E) Lower
0-34 9 (F) Lowest

How To Calculate BECE Grades

  1. The BECE Grades are calculated using the 6 best subjects from your BECE results.
  2. The 3 best core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science, or Social) and your 3 best elective subjects.
  3. Maths and English are must among the core subjects. You can select from science and social for the calculation.

Sample BECE Results for Grade Calculation

Subject Grade
English Language 1
Social Studies 2
Integrated Science 1
Mathematics 2
Religious and Moral Education 1
Ghanaian Language 2
B.D.T/Home Economic 3

Steps To Calculate BECE Grades

Let’s use the sample results above to demonstrate how to calculate the BECE grades.

  1. To obtain your BECE Grades, you will take the first best core ( ie English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science) => 1+2+1 = 4
  2. Select the 3 best elective subjects ( ie R.M.E, B.D.T, and Gh. Language) => 1+2+3 = 6
  3. Then based on the BECE grades addition for English + Mathematics + Integrated Science + Info. & Comm. Tech + B.D.T, + French => 1+2+1+1+2+3 = 10
  4. Your BECE Grades obtained based on the grades above is aggregate 10.

How to Check 2023 BECE Results Without Using the Internet

This is a very simple procedure for candidates who do now want to stress waiting in line at the internet cafe’.

Results of candidates who check using this procedure will be sent via SMS containing a link to download the pdf of the results online. Click HERE to see how.

BECE 2023 CSSPS Verification Portal

Below is the portal for the verification of school selections. and USSD short code number *899*88# with a 4-digit token number. See more HERE.

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