SHS Self Placement Guidelines & Procedures 2023

The SHS placement for 2023 BECE candidates will are released for candidates to check their placement on the portal – to start their senior high school journey. Let’s dive into how to check SHS placement in 2023 for BECE graduates.

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How to Check SHS Placement in 2023 –

The first step to checking your placement is by purchasing the placement voucher using mobile money or any available service.

How to Buy SHS Placement Voucher

Follow these steps to buy the SHS placement voucher at a lower price. Don’t miss any step out.

  • Dial *920*44#
  • Go to option 2 which is to buy the SHS placement checker
  • Enter the quantity you need (i.e one goes for 8ghs)
  • Confirm the quantity
  • Wait for the MoMo prompt to approve the payment from your wallet
  • You will receive the placement checker details via SMS

How to Check SHS Placement in 2023

  • Log in to the SHS placement portal at
  • Enter your index number (10 digits)
  • Add 23 at the end of the index to indicate your year of completion
  • Enter the voucher details (the serial number and PIN)
  • Click on submit and wait for some seconds
  • Congratulations, you have checked your SHS placement
  • Print the placement document and the enrollment form
  • Use the guide here to see what to do next

Click here to see the complete guide on what to do next after checking your SHS placement.


  • The price of the voucher might be increased
  • Also, the price of the voucher may differ from vendor to vendor
  • Candidates who obtain an aggregate grade above 35, will not be automatically placed. Such candidates will have to do self-placement.
  • Use this link to check your possible SHS placement according to your grade. Check it HERE

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