How to Solve Insufficient Balance - College of Education Admission

How to Solve Insufficient Balance – College of Education Admission

The 2023/2024 application for admissions into the 46 public colleges of education have started but applicants are experiencing a common problem.

This problem has to do with the live verification of results on the college of education admission portal. Applicants after inputting their examination details (index number, type of examination, exam year), they get the feed back “Insufficient Balance”.

Cause of the Problem “Insufficient Balance”

This is a common issue in the application process as said earlier on. It is caused by a technical glitch on the website, especially with the PRINCOF connection to WAEC portal that helps you to access the WAEC portal to fetch your results from WAEC database.

When this issue arises, it shows that the connection to WAEC portal to retrieve your results from the database has been compromised and hence, at the moment, you can’t have a secure connection to fetch your results from WAEC database.

This is mostly refer to as ‘PRINCOF bundle’. This is the gateway to access the results. Once ‘the bundle’ get exhausted, you can’t get your index number verified to fetch the results.

How to Solve Insufficient Balance – College of Education Admission

You don’t need to panic, this is a technical glitch affecting the application portal and not from you, chill as we are going to tell you how to solve the issue.

If you are facing this challenge, all you need to do is to stop the application process, relax, think about your choice of college and programmes they offer. Don’t rush in the application process.

Ways to Solve the Problem of Insufficient Balance in College of Education Admission Process

There are two ways to solve this issue:

The first which we have done and it worked for us is to exit after saving your details on the application portal and wait for two days to continue the application again.

After two days, the system will be up and running then you continue with the application.

The second way is to close the application portal, don’t save your work and try after some hours.

These are the ways you can solve the issue.

PRINCOF Helpline Contacts

Alternatively, you can contact PRINCOF help desk for more assistance:

Mobile: +233(0)554832453/+233(0)5009420


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