National Prospectus for Ghanaian SHS Year One Students
National Prospectus for Ghanaian SHS Year One Students

In order to ensure uniformity in the prospectus to present to school as a first year student in Ghanaian SHS, the GES has taken a step to list down the national prospectus for Ghanaian SHS year one students for 2023/2023 academic year.

These prospectus are unified and shall be used across all the senior high schools in Ghana starting the 2023/2024 academic year.

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National Prospectus for Ghanaian SHS Year One Students – Basic Needs

The following items shall be presented by all year one students;

  1. Hard Body Suit Case or Trunk
  2. Chop Box (Wooden/Plastic)
  3. Drinking Cup, 1 Plastic or Stainless Plate, and a Set of Cutlery
  4. Toiletries(1 Deodorant, 1 pack T-roll, toothpaste, toothbrush, Soap, pomade, and 2 packs of sanitary pads for girls)
  5. Decent Sandals (school’s specification) – No embellishment
  6. A Pair of Leather Slippers (school’s specification)
  7. Decent Sneakers (black or white)
  8. 2 Pair of Socks (school’s specification)
  9. 1 Pyjamas/Sleepwear
  10. Underwear (5 pants and 3 vests for girls, 3 boxer shorts or pants & 3 Singlets for boys)
  11. 1 Plastic Bucket with Cover and Pail
  12. RSV/NIV Bible/Quran and Hymn Book for Christians (School Specified)
  13. A pillow covered with Mackintosh
  14. 2 Students’ bedsheets with 2 pillowcases – Plain white
  15. 1 Blanket & Sleeping cloth
  16. A Pair of Khaki Trousers
  17. A Pair of White Trousers (or school-specific colour)
  18. White dress for ladies
  19. 2 White Shirts (1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve)
  20. Student’s Size Mosquito net
  21. 1 School Bag
  22. 1 Mathematical Set & Scientific Calculator
  23. Standard Graph Book
  24. 2 Check Dress (the color is school-based)
  25. Student Mattress (where not available in the school)
  26. Black Shoe
  27. Black Belt
  28. 1 Hoe/Cutlass

Cleaning Materials – Prospectus

Group 1 List of School items (A third of students)

  1. A pair of Hand Gloves (Hard)
  2. Liquid Soap (5 litres)
  3. 1Kg Washing Powdered Soap
  4. Group 2 List of School items (A third of students)
  5. 1 Bleach (small size)
  6. 1 Dust Pan
  7. 1 Long Handle Broom
  8. 1 Scrubbing brush
  9. Group 3 List of School items (A third of students)
  10. 1 Duster
  11. 1 Standing Mop and Mop Bucket
  12. 1 Short Local Broom

Must Bring Items – Category 01

  1. Valid NHIS card
  2. National ID card (Ghana card if any)
  3. Two passport-size pictures
  4. Photocopy of birth certificate / baptismal certificate if required by the school

Personal Items – Category 02

  1. Mathematical Set & Scientific Calculator
  2. Decent sandals (school’s specification) – No embellishment
  3. Decent sneakers (black or white)
  4. 1 Schoolbag

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