PRINCOF To Implement 15 Days Leave for CETAG Staff

PRINCOF To Implement 15 Days Leave for CETAG Staff

The CETAG strike action which lasted for a month has finally been suspended/call off after majority of the colleges of education voted for it to be called off/suspended.

As part of the reason for the strike action, CETAG complained about their all round teaching in the year 2022 which was due to the nature of the academic calendar. The National Labour Commission (NLC) has directed that CETAG should be given 15 days leave.

On an official releaase by the PRINCOF President, it stated that they have started their process of implementing the compulsory 15 days leave for academic staff and we are also compiling the list for the all year-round work in 2022 to be submitted to GTEC.

PRINCOF To Implement 15 Days Leave for CETAG Staff

The president on behalf of PRINCOF to expresses its appreciation to CETAG on the successful conclusion of the issues of concern brought before the National Labour Commission (NLC) on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

The NLC directives required some responsibilities on the part of the employers ( MoE, FWSC, PRINCOF, GTEC) on one hand and CETAG on the other.

PRINCOF is certain to meet the September 15 deadline given by NLC. Out of the forty-six (46) public colleges of education, seventeen (17) colleges have already submitted their lists.

Issue of the Staff Audit Report

On the issue of the Staff Audit Report, GTEC released it on 1st September, 2023 to the Minister for Education as directed by NLC. However, as has been the practice, the Minister for Education would have to study it first and make his input before we can all have the opportunity to study it.

There has been misinformation circulating that PRINCOF has the report but unwilling to release it to CETEAG because of some unfavourable aspects of the report against PRINCOF members. This is a completely untrue story and those peddling the rumour should be advised to stop it.

PRINCOF To Implement 15 Days Leave for CETAG Staff

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