Who are the richest kids in America for 2022?

Richest kids America. When it comes to the richest kids in America, these ten young people are on top of the list. These future millionaires have inherited their wealth and made smart investments with it, or they’ve taken entrepreneurial risks that have paid off in spades, or they’ve earned their money through savvy internet ventures. No matter how they’ve gotten there, you’ll be interested to see just how many of these rich kids are heirs to their fortunes and how many of them are self-made billionaires who never had to answer to their parents on how they were spending their allowance growing up!

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Richest kids America

The trendsetters

The most highly sought-after fashion brands of today may not be as relevant in a decade, but there will always be a demand for classic style. The children of today’s biggest stars will have no problem tapping into their parent’s connections and vast wealth, making them desirable marriage partners to whatever business tycoons or socialites who capture their attention. This group will never have to worry about money. In fact, they could get rich without even trying. But what about everyone else?

The children of some of today’s biggest celebrities, sports stars and socialites will have little trouble making money from their inherited fame and fortune. But what about everyone else? Who will replace Mark Zuckerberg as one of America’s wealthiest teens when Facebook finally loses its luster with everyone over age 25?
It’s not impossible. In fact, some of today’s biggest celebrities and socialites were born into modest families and started with little more than a strong work ethic and a bit of luck.
But it’s getting harder every year to break into Forbes list of top earners—and there will be even fewer opportunities as technology continues to democratize and spread information, thus eliminating many job prospects.

Because money will be far less likely to buy opportunity and success a decade from now, it’s going to take more than inherited wealth to ensure a place among America’s top earning young adults. Whether these trendsetters can earn their own fortunes remains to be seen, but they’ll certainly have their chances.
New businesses and markets are being created every day. And while some of today’s most famous young millionaires may have benefited from their parents’ connections and wealth, it took a lot of hard work to turn those opportunities into lasting fortunes. The same will be true a decade from now.

The entrepreneurs

No one knew what to expect from Generation Z when they entered their teen years. Would they follow in Gen Y’s footsteps or strike out on their own? What we do know is that these young people have demonstrated a high level of entrepreneurial skills and interest.
Based on a recent study, it looks like Gen Z is not all that different from Gen Y after all. The difference may be that more young people from Generation Z have entrepreneurial interests than any other generation before them. This means their entry into adulthood could be exciting not only for them but also for those who are looking to partner with them.

The athlete-turned-entrepreneurs

NBA stars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have each earned roughly $400 million since they were drafted into their respective leagues. This puts them among a growing group of athletes who’ve made bank while they’re still young.

Many of these athlete-turned-entrepreneurs have already cashed out, so look to up-and-coming stars like Anthony Davis, who has an estimated net worth of $4 million—not bad for someone who won’t even hit his prime until around 2020.

In addition to being great basketball players, each of these guys is at a point in his career where he could take his brand to another level. In that regard, it’s not about how much money you’ve made—it’s about how much money you can make moving forward.

As an athlete-turned-entrepreneur myself, I understand that developing and maintaining my brand value is just as important as my on-court performance.

The YouTube stars

It’s hard to predict what will be popular on YouTube a decade from now, but here’s our guess: Space has always been a fascinating topic—the American Museum of Natural History receives more than 1 million visitors each year just to gaze at its Hayden Planetarium. So we think vloggers who focus on space and astronomy could do well.

In fact, searching Google Trends data shows that people now search How far is space more than they do How old is Obama. And with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood posting Instagram photos of themselves at space-related events, we think it’s safe to say that interest will only grow over time.

So which space and astronomy vloggers could be worth watching a decade from now? Two of our favorites: Mike Goldsmith (justgoldstar) and Jon Talbot (slater9), both of whom post videos that explain astronomical phenomena.

But there’s room for plenty more—in fact, NASA says more than 10,000 asteroids and comets have been discovered so far, so there should be no shortage of material to cover.

The influencers

The individual influence of kids depends on a number of factors, including age and location. For example, millennial teens and tweens have been estimated to have a combined wealth of $200 billion (more than Apple), but have yet to spend their money as freely as previous generations.

That’s great news for brands, because they’ll have a fresh pool of potential customers to market to. It could also be good news for investors; while older millennials have been responsible for most of today’s stock market growth, these younger generations will drive much of tomorrow’s growth. Knowing who and what these influencers are at each stage in their lives will help you make sound business decisions.
As important as it is to know who they are, where they live, and what they like, there’s a bigger question on every influencer-marketer’s mind: How do I reach them? Your answer depends entirely on your business plan. For example, millennials (including older teens) and gen Zers (13-18 year olds) might respond well to ads placed on Instagram or Snapchat because that’s where they spend most of their time.

The actors

One boy, one girl. They’re between 8 and 9 years old now and will be worth $2 billion each by 2032 (that is, if they don’t blow it all on candy or crack). Yes, these two have already been cast—and no, you probably haven’t heard of them. But you will soon enough as they become two of Hollywood’s biggest stars.
The boy is shy, quiet and dark-haired. The girl is bubbly, vivacious and blond. They live in different parts of the country—the Midwest and New York City. And they’ve never met—but they’re working toward meeting soon as they begin to shoot their big Hollywood debut next year.
Who are they, you ask? Keep reading to find out.

You’ll be seeing their faces on movie posters and magazine covers over the next 10 years. And unlike many child stars before them, these two will grow up wealthy and happy—all because they were smart enough to pick their parents wisely.

The game changers

What sets these billionaires apart from their peers is that they all came from ordinary beginnings. None of them were born into fame or wealth; instead, each had to make his or her own way to massive riches. Though many people dream of becoming rich, it’s rare that such dreams come true—which makes those who have achieved their wealth (and plan on maintaining it) all the more fascinating.

The 10 billionaires listed below have demonstrated their skills and tenacity, giving them a solid head start on everyone else. However, those at the top of their game can fall hard if they aren’t careful. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it pays to stay on top of market trends and customer demands so that you don’t fall by the wayside when a new competitor emerges.

While all of these billionaires come from different backgrounds, they share several common traits. These include an awareness of changing market trends, creativity and critical thinking skills, and a willingness to learn new things.

Some learned these traits while growing up and some picked them up along their journey to becoming one of the 10 richest kids America.

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