GES Academic Calendar for 2023 Academic Year
GES Academic Calendar for 2023 Academic Year

A teacher needs to have an understanding of both the subject matter and how to turn their students into active learners. Are you a Teacher Trainee? Salary Structure of Teachers in Ghana 2022.

To teach isĀ to engage students in learning; thus teaching consists of getting students involved in the active construction of knowledge.

The income or monthly salary of Ghanaian teachers has significantly increased as a result of the implementation of the single-spine salary system.

What do Teachers do in Ghana?

Teachers in Ghana are;

  1. charged with maintaining student attendance records and records of the lessons they teach in the classroom.
  2. tasked with the responsibility of instructing, presenting scenarios, and elaborating teachings to their students with notes for future reference.
  3. tasked with assessing the performance of their students and contrasting it with the established standards.
  4. to administer verbal quizzes, assignments, and exams to assess students’ knowledge and level of lesson understanding.
  5. also charged to provide feedback to both the management of the school and the parents of the students.
  6. to provide educational aids to learners to enhance their learning process.

Salary Structure of Teachers in Ghana 2022

Ghanaian instructors are compensated according to their degrees, levels of experience, tenure as teachers, and hours worked for the institution.

Teachers with Certificate Qualifications

Certificate teachers earn from a range of GHC 800.00 to GHC 1000.00 monthly with the former being the lowest possible whereas the latter is the expected highest.

Diploma Qualification Holders

Graduates from the Colleges of Education are classified under Senior Sup II with a salary of GHC 1200.00 to GHC1700. 00 a month plus an increase in the percentage of salary every year.

After five (5) years or more of active work in the teaching service, all Diploma teachers will receive an upgrade to a Senior Sup I which also comes with a corresponding salary increase.

Teachers with Degree Qualifications

Graduate teachers are under Principal Superintendent who could be professional or nonprofessional. The salary of a graduate teacher with a degree is placed between GHC 1900.00 to GHC 2500.00. This monthly salary increases with work experience.

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