Self-Feeding Hits Public Colleges of Education

At this point, we are good to say that self-feeding hits public colleges of education in the country. This is the result of the industrial strike action declared by CETAG and CENTSAG which is indefinite.

PRINCOF on 31st October 2022 issued a statement requesting approval to allow teacher trainees to feed themselves based on the reasons they enumerated but was not granted the approval.

They believed that they have done enough and can no more afford to feed college students as the country is not in normal times. This is due to the high inflation rate on foodstuffs in the market.

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Self-Feeding Hits Public Colleges of Education

The recent development of self-feeding by teacher trainees came up as the result of the CETAG – CENTSAG strike action.

Also not forgetting the high debt on the schools and the current increase in prices of foodstuffs which PRINCOF thinks can no more handle is also another reason.

The suppliers of food to colleges of education have come to the conclusion that they are not giving any foodstuff out unless it is paid for. This has made PRINCOF take this decision as they don’t have enough money to continue feeding.

The strike action has made it possible for all activities at the colleges of education to cease with the exception of all college securities.

In recent publications, TTAG has interfered into the issue which was a success and trainees did not feed themselves because PRINCOF was not given approval.

You can find out the reason college of education students did not feed themselves when PRINCOF requested them to do so HERE.

This is an industrial action and so therefore all parties involved must obey it. We don’t know how long the strike action will last.

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