SHS Self Placement Guidelines & Procedures 2023

Are you worried because you have missed out on the automatic SHS placement? Worry not, you have the chance to do self placement, check out the SHS self placement guidelines & procedures 2023.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released the procedure for the purchase of e-voucher and self-placement procedures. However, we’ll further breakdown these steps into a more simple form.

How to Check SHS Placement in 2023 –

What is Self Placement?

Self-placement is the process that gives a candidate an opportunity who has missed automatic placement to select SHS of their choice on the CSSPS Portal with available vacancies.

A candidate who did not get any of the choices selected for automatic placement should proceed to do self placement.

SHS Self Placement Guidelines & Procedures 2023

1. Ensure that your compulsory Day option is within your catchment area where you can conveniently commute.

2. In the case of Technical Programmes, ensure that you consult the school register to verify that the schools you select offer your desired programmes.

3. Do not choose schools based on where your friends are going or what programmes they want to read.

4. Do not leave school choices to an internet cafe attendant in the case of self-placement.

5. Do not assume that you can choose a school as a Day Student and switch to Boarding upon admission.

Parents and guardians have been urged by Ghana’s Education Service (GES) to take a keen interest in their ward SHS self-placement, candidates similarly have been encouraged to go by the SHS self-placement guidelines.

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Features of Self-Placement

1. Only schools with available vacancies are displayed on the portal.

2. Schools with vacancies will be displayed for candidates to choose based on their aggregate.

3. Schools shown have their location and residential options available.

4. A candidate can change schools as many times as possible depending on available spaces. The changes CEASE immediately a candidate enroll in a school.

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SHS Self Placement Procedure 2023

This is simply a step by step guide to Senior High School (SHS) placement 2023.

First of all, you’ll need an internet-enabled device, either your phone or your PC. Once that is done, follow the steps below.

1. Visit one of the CSSPS website sites or

2. Select the Check placement module from the portal to continue the process of checking your school placement.

3. Provide your E-Voucher or the School placement card code or pin and your index number.

The placement portal will redirect you to another page. Wait patiently for the page to load. On the new page, the placement module will prove you with available schools.

4. Select a school based on your residential preference from the options available i.e Day or Boarding.

  • If a candidate selects Boarding, all schools with boarding vacancies will be displayed.
  • If a candidate selects Day, there will be a drop-down menu for the candidate to select:
    • i. Day within catchment areas; OR
    • ii. Day outside catchment areas,
  • The “Day within catchment area” option displays only schools with Day vacancies within 16km of the JHS the candidate attended.
  • Day outside catchment area displays all schools with day vacancies. Before the ‘Day outside catchment area’ option is effected, the candidate must confirm again if they intend t attend school outside their catchment area as a Day student.

Select your preferred program. Example General Arts, Science, Visual Arts, Home Economics, or Technical Program of your choice.

5. Confirm the options made by clicking confirm and Print out the placement form and proceed to the school enrolment.

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