How to Calculate BECE Grades

According to multiple reports, the SHS placement for 2022 BECE candidates will be out this month, February 2023. Below are some key steps to take after checking your SHS placement.

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Steps to Take After Checking Your SHS Placement

Let’s guide you to do the right thing after checking your placement which will make you successful in securing SHS admission for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Check your Placement

Upon the release of the SHS placements, rush to the cafe’ or use your phone to check the placement. You can use this link to check for the possible school you’ll be placed in with regard to your BECE aggregate grade.

If you are willing to attend any of the STEM schools in Ghana, follow this guide to do your selection.

Follow this link >>>>>>> STEM School Selection Portal

Print the Placement Documents (Placement and SHS Enrollment Forms)

Make photocopies of these documents after printing them. These are:

i. The Placement Form: This form contains your grade, raw score, schools you chose, and the school you have been placed in

ii. The enrolment form: This form is supposed to be filled with your details, that of your parents and guardians. Information such as the name of your parent, occupation of your parent or guardian, etc, and your hobbies will be entered on this. The form will often have to be endorsed by the head of your JHS.

You will also need these documents in addition to what you have printed online:

  • Copy of your results slips
  • Passport picture to be attached to the placement form
  • Envelope to put in all documents

Important Links

How to Calculate BECE Grades for School and Private Candidates

Submission of Documents the SHS You Have Been Placed

This is the most important step for every candidate who has received an SHS placement. This is the step that will make your admission to the SHS valid and secure.

When you print out and fill out your placement or SHS enrollment form, you must take them to the SHS you’ve been placed for an admission letter.

If you fail to submit them, you might not get the chance to attend the SHS again. So each candidate who receives placement to any SHS among their SHS of choice should do well to submit the document.

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