Teacher Trainees Allowance To Be Paid Next Week
Teacher Trainees Allowance To Be Paid Next Week

Teacher Trainees Allowance To Be Paid Next Week

It has been a quite long time now since teacher trainees receive the “Dear Trainee” alert from SLTF when their allowances are disbursed into their accounts.

One of the happiest moments in teacher trainees’ life apart from knowing that they are banging first class is to hear that their allowances are dropping.

The current information we have is that teacher trainees should get their E-Zwich cards ready because there shall be a loading exercise on Monday or Tuesday. Good information right?

Teacher trainees have some months’ allowance arrears to receive. Information reaching our news desk indicates that part of the months’ will be paid (maybe all months).

The amount to be paid has not beeb disclosed (total months) but he assured teacher trainees the monies have been disbursed and payment will be done on Monday or Tuesday.

The delay in the payment of the allowance was that colleges were instructed to provide updated information required for the allowances and other issues arising.

The long awaited allowance has been disbursed as said by the Minsiter of Education, Dr. Ya Osei Adutuwum at the 15th Congrgation and Commissionng of Projects held at Offinso Cllehe of Education today Saturday, 22nd July, 2023.

Teacher Trainees Allowance To Be Paid Next Week

To those who have not submitted their details, make sure you submit your details to the right unit in your college. Doing that will make you included in the next coming payment of the allowances.

If you are a level 100 student reading this post at any of the 46 public colleges of education, click on this link which will guide you on the requirements of trainees’ allowances.

If you have not received the allowance before, this is a guide for you.

Anticipate the “Dear Trainee” alert from SLTF.

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  1. You will need to visit the right department in your school to find out more. If only you have submitted correct information from level 100, then you should receive your allowances. Thank you


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