TTAG Updates Teacher Trainees on Allowance

Teacher Trainees Allowance Update – 9th February 2023

It has been months since teacher trainees received the “dear trainee” alert from SLTF as a notification of the payment of their allowances.

Teacher trainees across the 46 public colleges of education were asking questions as to when the payment will be received and of course, the biggest question “have they canceled the allowances?”.

Well, we can assure teacher trainees across the forty-six public colleges of education that the trainee allowances have not been canceled and payment will be made very soon.

Teacher Trainees Allowance Update – 9th February 2023

At the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) Annual Delegates Congress which is currently in effect in Wiaso College of Education, it has been disclosed that the allowances of all trainees will be disbursed very soon.

This indicates that the TTAG leadership has been working day in and out to ensure that their members have received their payments very soon.

This has become necessary due to the current hardships in the country and what teacher trainees are going through. They really go through a lot.

Also, talks have been going on for the government to increase the teacher trainees’ allowance. We will update you very soon on that.

What You Need to do Before Disbursement

To all those who have received payment of the allowances before, you will need to find your E-Zwich cards ready. Some might throw their cards away due to delays in payment.

To those who have not received payments, make sure you submit your details to the right unit in your college. Doing that will make you included in the next coming payment of the allowances.

For Level 100 Student

If you are a level 100 student reading this post at any of the 46 public colleges of education, click on this link which will guide you on the requirements of trainees’ allowances.

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