Teacher Trainees Heartbreaking Message to Government
Teacher Trainees Heartbreaking Message to Government

The teacher trainees heartbreaking message to government concerning the strike action declared by CETAG and CENTSAG is worth reading and giving attention to.

For the past four days, teacher trainees at the 46 public colleges of education have not found staying on campus easy due to self-feeding and others.

The strike action has seen every sector of the college management cease all activities with the exception of college security.

This has caused a state of insecurity for teacher trainees starting from financial to their health security. They claim not to have enough money to cater for themselves in school.

As a result, teacher trainees at the various colleges of education write to the government to come to their aid. They are pleading that the government should provide CETAG and CENTSAG with what they need so that they can call off the strike action.

Teacher Trainees Heartbreaking Message to Government

Below is the message teacher trainees want the government to see.

We, the students of all the 46 colleges of education in Ghana here, write to inform you that, we are suffering in our various colleges as a result of the ongoing CETAG and CENTSAG strike.

Where the side of CETAG, all classrooms, and academic activities have been stopped then on the side of CENTSAG, which comprises the Non-teaching staff, has also stopped all their activities, including the cooks, who prepare our daily meals for us.

We want to inform the principals and the government that we are dying of hunger, so we are pleading with the government to do the need for these people to come back to work so that we can also survive.

We are giving up until the 20th of November, 2022 if we don’t hear any good news, we will all leave for our various houses, because we can’t stay here for hunger to kill us, and if we leave we are not coming back for the rest of the semester unless, in January where the next academic year and the next semester begins due to the increment of lorry fare because most of us leave far from where our school is, some of us even spend 500 cedis on transportation alone before we get to campus.


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