UEW Registration Exercise for 2022-2023 1st Semester

UEW Registration Exercise for 2022-2023 1st Semester

It is announced for all students (freshers and continuing) that the registration of courses by students will begin on the 8th of February, 2023 and ends on the 22nd of February, 2023.

Students are to note that registration for the 2022/2023 Academic year is taking place on OSIS and as such are to pay attention to the following instructions for smooth and successful registration.

  1. All newly admitted students will be receiving 10-digit index numbers which are different from the 9-digit applicant numbers captured on your admission letters. This includes any student that rolled over from a diploma or post-graduate programme who had an old ITS student number. The new index numbers will have the following format
  1. 323XXXXXXX for diploma programmes
  2. 523XXXXXXX for degree programmes
  3. 623XXXXXXX for postgraduate diploma programmes
  4. 723XXXXXXX for M. A., M.Ed, MBA, or M.Sc. programmes
  5. 823XXXXXXX for Master of Philosophy programmes and
  6. 923XXXXXXX for Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes

NOTE: In order for you to have an index number generated, you should have paid your fees through the transflow payment platform. Students who have not paid fees will not have index numbers generated and as such may not be able to register.

  1. Continuing Students (students who were admitted into programmes in previous academic years which did not start in January 2023) will use their 9-digit ITS student numbers on the OSIS system.
  2. In order for students to log in to the OSIS portal they are to log in to their official UEW email address. To do this you are to:

UEW Registration Exercise for 2022-2023 1st Semester

  1. Open the Gmail homepage
  2. Type in your student number/indexnumber@st.uew.edu.gh (e.g. 523XXXXXXX@st.uew.edu.gh or 22XXXXXXX@st.uew.edu.gh)
  3. Use your student number/index number as your default password.
  4. You will then gain access to your UEW student mail inbox page.
  5. You will receive an email from OSIS Support with a link for creating a password.
  6. You are required to use the link in this email to create a new password for your OSIS portal and save it.
  7. You can then use your UEW student email as your username and the newly created password as your password to enter into OSIS and undertake your registration for courses.
  8. You can access the brochures and tutorials for registration on the UEW Website under the downloads section.

Click HERE to see how to register for your UEW courses for the first semester.

UEW Deadline for Course Registration for the First Semester of 2022-2023 Academic Year

Registration starts today 8th of February, 2023 and ends on the 22nd of February, 2023.

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