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UG Educational Pathways International Scholarship for 2022-2023

The Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO) is accepting 2022/23 applications for the award of Scholarships from the Educational Pathways International scholarship scheme. The scholarship is designed for high achievers (Gifted Students) who are from areas of need.

UG Educational Pathways International Scholarship for 2022-2023

The Scholarship will cover tuition, books, as well as room and board, and a little extra and will be awarded for four years as long as excellent academic standards of at least a B CGPA (3.0 GPA) continue to be met.

UG Educational Pathway International Scholarship Application Requirements

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • Are a Level 100 regular student.
  • Reside in an impoverished part of the country.
  • Are able to demonstrate limited family income and/or insufficient funds to cover most or all educational-related expenses.
  • Have the will to succeed (determination, perseverance and, success in other pursuits).
  • Obtained an aggregate of 11 or better at the WASSCE.
  • Are a Level 200 continuing student with CGPA of 3.5 (limited slot) or a female Level 300 or above continuing student with CGPA of 3.7 (limited slot)
  • Confirm that you are not currently receiving support through any other scholarship program and pledge not to accept any other scholarship while in the EPI program.
  • Medical students both Level 100 and continuing (CGPA 3.5) are encouraged to apply

How to Apply for the UG Educational Pathway International Scholarships 

You are required to visit the UG website: http://www.ug.edu.gh.

  • Click on Admission
  • Go to Financial Aid/ EPI Scholarship.
  • Read the eligibility page and complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. With the required essays.
  • In addition, applicants are required to PRINT OUT A HARDCOPY of the preview of the completed online form with all the relevant supporting documentation and submit it to the Students Financial Aid Office on or before the deadline.

Supporting Documents for the Scholarship

Supporting documents include

  • a copy of your academic records (Transcripts / WASSCE grades)
  • letters of recommendation
  • Birth Certificates of siblings
  • supporting need documents
  • any other documents that you believe will assist in the processing of your application.

Deadline for UG Educational Pathway International Scholarship Application

The deadline for the submission of the applications is Monday, 6th February 2023.

For inquiries call the Students Financial Aid Office at 020-518-6904/0302- 945-312 or email finaid@ug.edu.gh.

The SFAO is located at House No. 11 East Legon – Main Campus behind the College of Basic and Applied Sciences and opposite CEGENSA

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