Update on Strike Action - 13th December 2022
Update on Strike Action - 13th December 2022

Update on Strike Action – 13th December 2022

College of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG) embarked on strike action on the 11th of November 2022 and are yet to call it off.

As part of the measures to find a solution to CETAG’s problems, a meeting was held today 13th December 2022 with the Minister of Education, representatives of CETAG, GTEC, PRINCOF, and affiliated universities.

Update on Strike Action – 13th December 2022

Below is the report of the meeting today:

  • The meeting had reps from all the affiliate universities, CETAG, PRINCOF, and GTEC in attendance.
  • In his preliminary comment, the Minister expressed his worry at the continuing strike by CETAG.
  • With regard to the main agenda for the meeting, the Hon. Minister felt that PRINCOF should be given the opportunity to lay before him their proposed calendar.
  • CETAG was asked to recuse itself to pave way for PRINCOF’s presentation on the proposed academic calendar for 2022/2023.
  • Later, when leadership was recalled to the meeting, the Hon. Minister informed us that he had asked PRINCOF to go back and fine-tune other considerations before resubmitting for further discussions.
  • The Hon Minister assured CETAG that he would give CETAG a chance to make inputs after PRINCOF had resubmitted.
  • At this point, the Hon. Minister called the FWSC to the meeting and asked them to prepare a Communique on the outstanding issues that leadership will send to Council for consideration to suspend the strike for 2 weeks to enable him to address our concerns for us.
  • In addition, the Hon. Minister, the reps of the affiliate universities, PRINCOF, and GTEC appealed to CETAG to reconsider suspending the strike to give the Hon. Minister the chance to intervene as he has assured.
  • Finally, the Hon. Minister assured leadership for the third time to give him that trust to do it for CETAG, just as he did it for UTAG, TUTAG et al recently; failure of which CETAG can resume her strike after two weeks.
  • Conclusively, CETAG is to report back by the close of tomorrow Wednesday, 14th December 2022 to enable the Ministry to take a decision.

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