Guide to College of Education as a Level 100 Student Teacher

Will tracking system in colleges of education continue next academic year? This is the question a lot of teacher trainees have been asking themselves, their tutors and stakeholders.

The tracking system in the colleges of education where two year batches stay on campus and other two batches stay in the house idle (without online lectures) is affecting the academic progress of teacher trainees.

These are some challenges faced by trainees;

  • lack of contact hours
  • limited time to study

Teacher trainees across the 46 public colleges of education are lamenting on the current system used in the colleges of education hoping and praying that it would be changed.

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Cause of the Tracking of Shifting System

Colleges of education in the country face significant lack of infrastructure. Taking into consideration hostels and lecture halls which are very important.

The number of teacher trainees admitted into education colleges increased dramatically. This increase was between the academic years 2019–2020 and 2021–2022. Even before the aforementioned academic years, colleges of education lacked certain amenities.

The high number of teacher trainees taken within that period resulted in colleges of education not being able to accommodate all year batches on campus.

Will tracking system in colleges of education continue next academic year?

TTAG-National on behalf of all colleges of education commended that “in-in-out-out” and “in-out-out-in” system should be introduced in the colleges of education.

For now, it depends on PRINCOF and government to make the decision.

What Stakeholders Need to Do

  1. The government should do well to complete the abandoned facilities in the colleges of education. This will enable colleges of education to accommodate trainees.
  2. It should be permissible for teacher trainees to select their preferred residential status. Particularly if they live close to their colleges or in a nearby neighborhood. It is appropriate to introduce day status and boarding.
  3. For the next two to three academic years, the number of teacher trainees to be admitted should be controlled. This will ensure that there is no pressure on the facilities.
  4. Private entities and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) should help colleges of education to put up more infrastructures.

Every teacher trainee hopes to see the return of the regular college of education system. As aspiring teachers, it is our responsibility to promote change because both our education and lives are important.

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